Why is Commercial Photography Important?

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Photography has undergone dramatic changes with each passing decade and in the 2020s it will see even more dramatic changes. Ever since the first creation of a photo for commercial use more than a hundred years ago, commercial photography has grown in importance. Nowadays with everyone walking around with a camera in their pocket, via […]

How Much Does a Commercial Photographer Charge?

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If you are looking to get an answer to how much a commercial photographer costs, you are likely getting started with managing a new marketing or sales project. So, it will be important to understand the costs of commercial photography. First, what is the difference between a commercial photographer and all other photographers? First, is […]

What is Commercial Photography?

What is Commercial Photography

Smartphones have made it possible nowadays for practically anyone to snap a photo. But there is a big difference between snapping a smartphone photo and commercial photography. So, what is commercial photography and why is it different? Commercial photography is the practice of making a photo, not taking a photo, with the intent to directly […]

Why Is Professional Photography Important in Business and Marketing?

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As published in FLUX Magazine. Professional photography, or commercial photography, has been around for decades and will continue to be around into the foreseeable future. Some people might wonder why, with practically everyone walking around with a smartphone in their pocket that can take photos? One critical difference in the business world is that with […]

What is the Difference Between Portrait and Lifestyle Photography?

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There are many types of photography and two that are often compared are lifestyle photography and portrait photography. The lines between these two are blurring but there are key differences. Depending on if you’re using such photos for business or pleasure is one such difference. Using Photography to Sell a Product or Brand Lifestyle photography […]