As published in FLUX Magazine.

Professional photography, or commercial photography, has been around for decades and will continue to be around into the foreseeable future. Some people might wonder why, with practically everyone walking around with a smartphone in their pocket that can take photos?

One critical difference in the business world is that with amateur photography you take a photo and with commercial photography you make a photo. This distinction is critical in successful marketing that differentiates brands.

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Professional Photography Encompasses the Use of Highly Capable Gear and Software Alongside a Professional That Understands How to Use Them

Photography as a Competitive Differentiator

Possibly the single biggest reason professional photography is important is because it’s used as a competitive differentiator in the business world. Unsuccessful marketing of a business is often separated from successful marketing of businesses by the imagery they use.

You’ve likely seen smartphone vendors trying to lay claim in their marketing and advertising to being commercial grade. While they might want in the party, these devices just can’t meet criteria to produce high-grade images required of commercial-grade campaigns. If one vendor were to opt for a smartphone to create imagery to brand their product, it opens the door for their competitors to put them in a bad corner. They will use superior image quality from capable DSLR, mirrorless or medium format cameras to elevate their brand over theirs. Image truly is everything. Continue Reading on FLUX.