How to Find a Commercial Photographer

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If you are in business selling a product, and perhaps even a service, it is likely you will benefit from using commercial photography assets. These can include basic professional product photographs to branded lifestyle photographs. There is a significant difference between professionally made commercial photography compared to do-it-yourself work, and the difference is also usually […]

Doing Fashion Photography for a Website

Fashion Photographer Los Angeles

If you are getting into selling fashion items online, you are going to need a website to do it. This might be your own website domain, or you might setup on Amazon, or both. Either way, there are many considerations for getting fashion shots for a website. The importance of having high quality photos cannot […]

How Much is Product Photography?

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If you’re in the business of selling physical products, especially online, you’re likely aware of the importance of quality product photography. It can truly be a deciding factor in what makes or breaks your product’s success. So, how much should you expect to pay for product photography? Typically, low-priced product photography is possible because the […]

Fashion Photography and Styling for eCommerce Listings

Commercial Photographer Rates

When one says the word “fashion” many people conjure up images of brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci. There are countless clothing and accessories brands that aspire to be like these brands. Most of them start out with needing ecommerce photography to list their fashion line on their website, Amazon or other online ecommerce […]

What is the Purpose of Product Photography?

Product Photography Costs Can Vary

If you’ve landed on this post, you’re likely on the fence about the importance of product photography for your business. The answer is it’s highly likely that it is highly important. If you’re in a market with no competition and customer demand for your product is very high, then you’re in luck. You can possibly […]