What is Lifestyle Product Photography?

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When you are responsible for marketing a product, it is highly likely you will at some point arrive at needing to decide upon doing lifestyle product photography photos. These photos have many uses and are also sometime easily confused for other types of photo categories, such as editorial photography. So, what is the deal with […]

What is the Difference Between Portrait and Lifestyle Photography?

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There are many types of photography and two that are often compared are lifestyle photography and portrait photography. The lines between these two are blurring but there are key differences. Depending on if you’re using such photos for business or pleasure is one such difference. Using Photography to Sell a Product or Brand Lifestyle photography […]

Should You Do Lifestyle Product Photoshoots Without Permits or Permission

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Years ago, a friend and I bought new cameras. As is the case when getting a new camera, we wanted to go out and photograph everything. We spent the day doing it and then night came, and we pulled out the tripods – and that’s when the problems started, just not with the cameras. We […]