How Much Does a Professional Photographer Cost?

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Nowadays, lots of people can easily claim to be photographers. So, first it’s important to distinguish an amateur photographer from a commercial photographer. And this distinguishing factor is that a commercial photographer can command a monetary return for their work. Further complicating matters is that today’s market for commercial photographers is arguably as saturated as […]

Should You Do Lifestyle Product Photoshoots Without Permits or Permission

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Years ago, a friend and I bought new cameras. As is the case when getting a new camera, we wanted to go out and photograph everything. We spent the day doing it and then night came, and we pulled out the tripods – and that’s when the problems started, just not with the cameras. We […]

3 Reasons Why Do-It-Yourself Product Photography Doesn’t Work

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So, you’re launching your new brand and want to save money wherever you can, because launching a company and product is expensive. There are trademarks, prototypes to build, websites to build, marketing to do, and on and on. One area where brands often look to cut or eliminate costs is on product photography. Often brands […]

A Visual Content Lifecycle Guide to Grow Ecommerce Product Sales

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As published in Home Business Magazine. Read the full article there. If you’re looking to start a home-based business to sell products online, you’re likely starting bootstrapped and can’t set aside much money for marketing elements. One area where this happens often is in creating visual content to drive sales. It results in trying to […]