Is Product Photography Important?

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If you’re an entrepreneur with a new product to sell, you’ll inevitably arrive at the decision to take your own product photos or hire a professional product photographer. Arguably, this might be one of the biggest decisions you make for the success of your product. Product Photography Can Make or Break You How good your […]

Is Photoshop and Retouching Essential in Commercial Photography?

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In commercial photography, more time can be spent on post-production than the photo shoot itself. But, is post-production essential? Can one just use the images straight out of the camera as they are? After all, most full-frame cameras nowadays offer really high resolution and a lot of in-camera capabilities. However, even with today’s high-end gear, […]

Fashion Photography and Styling for eCommerce Listings

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When one says the word “fashion” many people conjure up images of brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci. There are countless clothing and accessories brands that aspire to be like these brands. Most of them start out with needing ecommerce photography to list their fashion line on their website, Amazon or other online ecommerce […]

What is the Difference Between Portrait and Lifestyle Photography?

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There are many types of photography and two that are often compared are lifestyle photography and portrait photography. The lines between these two are blurring but there are key differences. Depending on if you’re using such photos for business or pleasure is one such difference. Using Photography to Sell a Product or Brand Lifestyle photography […]

What is the Purpose of Product Photography?

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If you’ve landed on this post, you’re likely on the fence about the importance of product photography for your business. The answer is it’s highly likely that it is highly important. If you’re in a market with no competition and customer demand for your product is very high, then you’re in luck. You can possibly […]