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If you’re looking to start a home-based business to sell products online, you’re likely starting bootstrapped and can’t set aside much money for marketing elements. One area where this happens often is in creating visual content to drive sales. It results in trying to do product photography and video yourself. It can be a fatal mistake when taking on competition that have effective professional visual content in place. So, what’s a new bootstrapped business to do to get through the early stages of creating effective visual content on a budget?

Startups should be sure to set aside or save up to afford basic professional product photography. This is usually a very attainable goal. There is plenty of proof showing that not doing professional photography can be disastrous. In most cases if the photography does not sell first, great written copies will not save your product sales. So, any business looking to sell online should have some funds set aside to get basic but great product photography done.

Product Photographer for Amazon in Los Angeles
If You’re Looking to Start Selling on Amazon, You’re Going to Need Sharp, Crisp Product Photography

It’s True – Image is Everything

Too many eCommerce startups fail to understand how critical it is to have high quality product photography. Smartphone or similar quality will not cut it. This is particularly true when you can easily see around you that market leaders invest heavily in visual content. In most cases a company that leads in their market category almost always has professionally done visual content.

High quality product photography is arguably the most important factor to impact early sales opportunities. In fact, according to MDG Advertising, 67 percent of consumers say the quality of the image is very important. It’s more important than the product description, ratings or reviews.

So, to properly support the first stage of your sales lifecycle, be sure you can afford high-quality product photography. These high-end results should include the use of commercial-grade camera equipment and lighting. With this equipment used by a professional photographer, the details of your product will come out crisp and clear. If you secure this and combine it with good copy and SEO, it is the first step to helping maximize product sales.

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